Nowadays, social media is becoming more and more dangerous for people of every age, but especially for children and teenagers. People don’t think twice before they accept friend requests from people they don’t know, and what’s worse, they start a conversation with them. It is very important to advice your children not to do those kind of things and you should prevent them about the dangers of connecting with a stranger.

No matter wheter you have son or daughter, you should pay attention to both of them since everyone can get hurt. In order to show to the world that young boys are as susceptible to online predators as girls, Coby Persin went undercover as a teenage girl and contacted 3 teenage boys. Obviously, their parents knew about this.

Once Coby got into contact with them, he invited them to hang out and they accepted. The three boys did not know that the person who wrote them and invited them was not “Amanda”, but Coby himself and their parents. You can watch the video bellow and you can see how infuriating can get watching how people don’t think twice before making a decision.



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