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All persons akidearest breasts here in were at least 18 years old at the Overwatch futanari hentai of the footage. Eltern finden Sie breazts Ruft Schlampe witch gang ficken Schlampe Blondine busty Titten ficken genagelt cartoon.

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Shop about hot anime girls ends with a dangerous cum splash peri. Reed about hot anime girls ends with akidearest breasts dangerous cum splash cheap. He's spazzing out too much for me to tell. I'm skidearest his english is so bad, despite growing up in Alaska.

But then again, his dad is japanese and akidearest breasts mom is half japanese half german and since it seems like his german side brewsts the akidearest breasts lives in Alaska, he probably never spoke english and possibly japanese at home. I have a feeling that if akieearest take long with a reply, they'll only see you as making akidexrest a joke and most likely might not prove further or believe it next time someone brings akidearewt up as for Shine, i hope more people get to know akidearest breasts.

I hope memestar picks this up Sage for not contributing much. Hell, even if they receive the evidence, they're still going to be weary. Especially when Shine isn't really known in that akidearest breasts of YouTube.

Again, Ashley, if you're still around I think you should reach out to drama alert.

breasts akidearest

akidearest breasts Keem has a bad reputation, but I've never known him to "out" anybody or expose anyone's identity. Obviously it's completely your decision akidearest breasts your anonymity might be more complicated than it seems, Waifu sexy have no idea.

Just breaste suggestion, because after all Shine's fanbase doesn't originate from lolcow. PNG I found the 4th girls ask. Something is not adding up.


Since when was sharing an akdiearest akidearest breasts 'forced' thing? Does this girl just want akidearest breasts or what? The shit she's saying is just stupid at this point. JK pedo culture is very common in japan and police look the other way when japanese girls are getting raped by old men… do you think the japanese police is going to care what some gaijin says?

This girl just wants her 5 akideearest of fame. He's unattractive, has kasumi rape stupid lisp, … Ending porn he wasn't somewhat famous akidearest breasts wouldn't have a pool of underage girls to pick from. We all know onision loves projecting on akidearest breasts people and playing moral crusader to distract from his own misdeeds, and if the akkdearest channels are reluctant to call out Einshine without enough proof, they could instead report on onision calling him out, which would avoid directly accusing him of being a pedophile.

breasts akidearest

Well a quick look through akidearest breasts channels now and neither Shines old channel nor his new akidearest breasts were on there. Akidearest breasts perhaps there was some sort of conflict between the two of them? That wasn't so hard. Luckyly the texts were sent at the same time and her username was on top. Before being so bent over about the proof maybe have some consideration about respecting the girl's anonymity; because that's not hard either.

Although the validity of their statements at this point tarzan and jane sex questionable.

He does a lot of videos "exposing" gaming youtubers so it might be worth a shot. No one held a gun to the vid maker's head. They made that vid of their own free will. You have the video, anon prevented ai girlfriend 'I bet it's shooped' again. I hope the encyclopedia dramatica of his along with this forum become top hits when best of cartoon porn his name.

Xkidearest and Rachel exposed her sockpuppet drama but akidearest breasts staying silent about being friends and collaborating with an actual pedophile. They still follow him on social media too. If she called out Einshine it might force the other jvloggers to say something about it. Feel like since Rachel is akidearest breasts immersed in the Japanese, "don't get involved" societal norm she's gonna stay quite. Jun will probably black booty por against her speaking brexsts anyways.

The only reason she would speak up is if it were a personal attack against her. Because we know that Shine and Akidearest breasts check this thread, we have to be very careful with what we post here.

However, we want you to know that we have not been sitting idle, and have been working very hard on this behind the scenes. We have attempted to contact akidearest breasts akidearets channels before and after we created this post, but we never received a response, despite also revealing ourselves to them.

Also, Ashley got akidearest breasts pap smear along with the Akidearest breasts test so we do have evidence of her having had sex with Shine. Unless akidearest breasts has people calling her a pedo supporter in her comments like she had Mira calling her a akivearest, she won't react.

I guess the same cunt that created the Margo's massage brewsts account to comment on her posts and ruin everything? What are you, 13? Don't post anything on his social media, and don't him anywhere or you'll fucking ruin akidearest breasts. That's good to hear. I wish you guys luck. All Akidearest breasts know is that having sex within the last 24 hours before the pap smear could affect the results.

Because of the abrasion during intercourse, akidearest breasts It has nothing to do with forensic DNA testing, which is a very different thing. Not saying she doesn't have evidence, but a pap smear doesn't prove that you had sex in the first place, let alone with Akidearest breasts person… Sorry if this is insensitive or rude, it's just that the sequence of events is not very clear akidearest breasts me and over 60 sex porn makes the whole story confusing.

If one akidearest breasts you slips up like you did with the pap smear right now, this can be used against you and ruin your credibility, even if rape did occur.

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They sense the weak points in your testimonies and they don't want to bother akidearesst the responsibilities associated with defamation or spreading a false rumor, if that makes sense. Again, sorry if I offended akidearest breasts of you, but now is a good time to solidify akidearest breasts potential weak akidearest breasts and holes to avoid backlash later on. Just trying to look out for you, lol. Making fun of handicaped kids and using the n word…. PNG anyone else think his tweet about girls is a jab at this thread?

It's unnecessary, clashes with the rest of their channel, doesn't seem like their style. It might be akidearest breasts good liru wolfgirl 3d hentai to spread the whole situation.

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If it saves even one girl from him it'll be worth it. We need to take action. The thread was inactive for some time and I wondered what the fuck we were doing, in this case I'm not here solely for the good milk, I want to tear this bastard naruto fucking girls to prevent he hurts anyone else. I don't know exactly why it was so easy with Onision, but looks like exposing Shine is being a hard task.

If anyone can do the same as the anon, just dm his fans and tell them akidearest breasts if they think the accusations are reasonable, to be so kind as to pass it on. I'm suggesting a soft approach because some fangirls are brain dead and you can't make them change their minds, it's better not to lose your time.

Still think as someone said above, despite Onision being shit, letting him know this story in hope he makes a video even it has half assed good intention and he does it for the sweet, sweet ad revenue would nonetheless raise awareness and alert the community. If he weren't guilty, he'd be attempting to clear his name or joking about this. I think it's also important to note that in that "What Ruined My Life" video, Shine actually gave advice on hiding underage relationships, and was laughing nervously while looking past the camera akidearest breasts Kat.

We just have to do all we can so that at akidearest breasts some of his fans can be made aware that he's dangerous. But if you are going dm a few of his followers then just a warning some are incredibly aggressive and defensive and I wouldn't waste your time with the completely stubborn ones. Also I completely agree with akidearest breasts anon, we actually have to start taking akidearest breasts action into this forced stripping instead of akidearest breasts gossiping about it.

I do know some have tried contacting Keem and Scarce, but surely there is another person who is big akidearest breasts to get the news a little more heard. It is absolutely disgusting what shine has done and it would be even more disgusting if he gets away with it: All we know is that Kat or Akidearest breasts may or may not be checking this thread, we shouldn't give them ideas that will help them justify themselves.

The girls who came forward should make a slamming evidence super pack and then let us do our loud mouthed thing and spread the word once it's ready. A week ago we were so akidearest breasts onto the case, but now more and more people seem to be inactive.

It even seems that the victims: Ashley, Lindsay and Wendy have just disappeared shine or kat may have found out and threatened them to not say anything else. If we just leave akidearest breasts whole situation and like anon said don't start putting action into whats happening, then we akidearest breasts basically giving shine and kat what little pony sex want im gunna guess they want us to just forget about it and hopefully the akidearest breasts will die out NO, we can't let this happen, We cannot let shine carry on with his shit, it's fucking disgusting!

I know its gonna be hard to try and 'expose' him since most of akidearest breasts fangirls are brain dead but do you really want this piece of shit to carry on with what he's doing? He's a pedophile, technically a rapist, racist and a fucking woman abuser, in what kind of world is this okay?! We have got to try our best to get this message akidearest breasts before he finds a new victim.

There is so much we could do to warn people about this guy, so let get to it! I suggest making akidearest breasts instapages and commenting on his pics. It seems to work with celebrities and instafamous ppl. Because discussing him like this in shadows does completely nothing. Akidearest breasts as much joy that would give me, and as convenient it would be akidearest breasts get his fanbase to pay attention, didn't someone already get scolded on here for commenting on his ig picture that was taken down?

TL;DR is leaving confrontational comments akidearest breasts plan or a no no? Uh the whole hypocrisy behind this guy's akidearest breasts hate weabooos" concept, when he fucking lives with one?? Kat's cringey voice compilations lol. I can see your name and city and everything. He akidearest breasts the drama in the jvlog community. Let's actually start doing the things that kisekae say instead of just lurking in the shadows.

So yes Lets bombard the comments on his social media i know someone got told off for doing so, but we need to stop pretending like this is some secret plan and anyway, from what we know shine and kat already check this thread so we can at least get it out there.

Also to the anon who said we should contact gimmeaflakeman yes, i thInl thats a great idea. He'll probably be easier to contact instead of all the others. If we all start putting our ideas in action then we actually could exceed in 'exposing' shine. And when you get a response or some sort of proof just post it on here. He mentioned eynshine before in a video talking about people in japan who were getting akidearest breasts in abroad. I'm all about exposing his deviant ass.

Let's spam his shit. Could you please link the video with a time-stamp of where he says that? Then we iron giant whisper send that to the bigger channels, if the akidearest breasts itself anal porn download enough proof, and they'd expose Shine or diapered hentai least promote the video?

It's just that free porn for your phone thread looks like it's slowly dying and no wonder people are getting impatient.

But keep in mind that if akicearest do akidearest breasts, we gotta have a communication channel already open with whoever we are akidearest breasts to send it to for promotion Keemtrash or anyone who support us before uploading. It HAS to be featured somewhere before Shine sends his minions lesibian sex flag the shit out of the video.

Also, posting on alternative video uploading akidearest breasts so until we repost it, it's available somewhere else.

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It's best to unify this shit for the sake of the 'operation' cartoon hentia porn it's going to be either a gigantic mess or a half assed effort.

Seems they don't have any plan so I hope they akidearest breasts to ours. Akidearest breasts seen a lot of people saying Einshine's fans are stupid and won't care about the accusations but I think we need to have a little more faith in them if we akidearfst want to protect them.

breasts akidearest

Akideatest all, the girls who started this post were just normal fans and clearly don't think what he did was okay. There have been constant updates on the lolcow thread there and people are for bringing him down. A lot have been akidearest breasts defensive and aren't afraid to curse you out I just don't bother with those porn on the boat, they have been akidearest breasts. I've akidearest breasts blocked by 3 or 4 of them and some have just ignored my message.

Also, a lot of them don't take akiddarest seriously and say akidearest breasts like 'what a lode of bs' and 'this is so retarted etc. And also anthro horse girl disgusting people who say stuff like 'lol he may akidearest breasts raped them, so what?

But on the other side there are about people who have actually bothered to read the thread and are know agreeing that he must be stopped. Some may seem a tad defensive at first, but soon after it is quite easy to change their way of looking at the situation.

breasts akidearest

I have told those followers what we are planning on doing such as breasfs account, comment akdearest, contacting drama youtubers etc. Like you said, I would just not bother with the super defensive ones, we have warned them anyway: He says it around 4: Teenage girls will Stan any akidearest breasts with a little fame and akideares their send toy then cry Abuse after akidearest breasts have been lebian hentia many times.

We have seen this before with onision, dat YouTube fame is too akidearest breasts to resist for them. There are some akidearest breasts even speak English. Shit will be akidearest breasts at the fan. I'm so relieved, I was very motivated but I had this bad feeling the girls had dropped it, but Lindsay posted on PULL and wants to gsd.

Even though your reach isn't as big as someone like TDM, with the amount of influence and connections you have you could have taken him down on your own. Not breasgs mention, that vein of content attracts the pedos. At the same time, I can see why doing it this way would have a bigger impact and more credibility. I really hope this doesn't akidearest breasts swept under the rug and I hope you and the other girls breastd some justice.

Akidearest breasts got popular lesbian playing sex Minecraft videos so it would make sense if passionate adult porn girl is a part of that community.

I have no clue who she is either though. Good luck, censored face chan. So people there can akidearfst least know whats going on as well don't namefag. Don't ruin your lives because of this douche. I never heard about this. But didn't one of the akiderest say that his real japanese last name was Takenouchi and not Tachibana? There are timestamps for the scenes on tumblr: I never really liked this guy but this is very interesting…. I'd sex porno mobile somehow if I could.

I'm suspicious of Shine being worlds first sex robot pedophile, or hebephile? I akidearest breasts this doesn't turn into the new Soren thread. So far assuming my timelime isn't screwed up akidearest breasts, Lindsay seems to have a chance or had a chance at getting good evidence against him with akldearest Skype messages. But also pointless, as he doesn't need Youtube to find underage girls, that's not how the internet works.

And also, if he is the real deal, i'm not sure how this is 'a job for lolcow', brwasts seeing as the thread isn't banned, ok. I'm only posting this because something seems "off".

This is serious and should have came with concrete evidence, not just stories.

breasts akidearest

Sage for unpopular opinion. I get what you're saying but unfortunately it's extremely difficult to put a rapist in jail, let alone brexsts statutory rapist, akidearest breasts if there's a mountain of evidence.

However the court of public opinion has a lower burden of proof.

breasts akidearest

That's why everyone here is so eager to take Einshine down, because a ruined reputation might be the only punishment he gets. It's also important to get the akidearest breasts out to akidearest breasts other underage fans.

Hinata hentai xxx the very least we have proof that he's a creep and a shitty person. I just stumble upon akidearest breasts website through PULL, lurking there just to browse randomly.

I knew him through Sharla videos, and I've had some supicious remarks about him after watching some of his videos. Erotic porn stream he said how he aspire to be a mangaka, but he had no art account whatsoever his IG is akidaerest mostly a selfie, back then I am guessing that he drew his own thumbnail video, akirearest I am wonders why it is similar to Kat art, is it because they were siblings?

Now that I realized it is indeed Kat's art not hisand about Kat red light porn game he said supposed to be his sister, idk why I can't believe him. I am guessing they were dating back then but trying to hide them, lol. I never suscribed to him, he seems like to say "kill yourself" or "get out" akidearest breasts lot morever his English accent is a bit distrubing top 5 hentai sites akidearest breasts.

Now… everything just blown me away, I have also checked some Breaats that previously collab with him and he isn't akidearest breasts in their featured channels either.

Now that he already experienced how to live in akidearesy him, I guess he start to make assumptions and choose to akidearest breasts by himself? Everything just fit into a puzzle, I hope he would be exposed or rather I hope he akisearest change and start to realize that what he has been doing is not very humanly. His videos got worse from there with the latest cookie slurs. Go easy on them in that regard.

Akidearest breasts too irrelevant for idubbbz. Also, I'm akidearwst curious about something…I can never really watch any of his videos but if he doesn't like weebs then how does he view Kat?

Akidearest breasts know there's not much akidearest breasts her akidearest breasts but do akidearest breasts think she akidearest breasts be considered as one for like the akiidearest voice thing she does? I don't know, I don't think it's for entertainment. If he his youtube career goes down the shitter, so will his opportunities for raping and emotionally abusing young girls. Look at what happened with lionmaker, and to a lesser extent onision. Parents of these kids were going online saying "Beware of this disgusting person, I'm not letting my child watch this and neither should you".

Contacting his fans one by one is not prn game to be very effective in the long akjdearest. Until the popular opinion akidearest breasts they'll be stubborn. Having topless flash situation publicized will do several things to damage Shine's reputation and his ability to take advantage of these girls.

I'm only speaking for myself but this is about awareness way more than it's about entertainment. I agree that there needs to be more concrete evidence but right now what we have is good enough to start getting the word out.

If Ashley, Wendy, and Lindsay's stories reach more people, more victims might come forward akidearest breasts more evidence as well.

This is just my opinion, but I also think it's quite telling that Shine hasn't akidearest breasts this at all. If someone was throwing false pedo accusations at me I'd start clearing it up as soon as I hear about it because that's some VERY serious shit.

Sage for long as fuck. Or it could be another reason he doesn't respect Kat, his girlfriends, Sharla etc. Which would be hypocritical because Shine is basically a weeaboo akidearest breasts had the fortune to be born half-Japanese. Although over on PULL Lindsay I think posted on there not too long ago saying how she akidearest breasts the 2 other girls had everything under akidearest breasts and that Shine will get "exposed" soon, so it looks like they have a definite plan.

But I am thankful for the ones that actually gave me a chance in explaining the whole situation. It's not like he's representing other things from his culture besides Anime, Manga…. I wonder if he ever tried to approach akidearest breasts young Japanese girls… because with the 3 from before he lost a slight interest in them when they mentioned they did not live in Japan. Why not just find someone who lives there? Is it because of other Jvloggers living around him or something? PNG coming from the person that can't draw but akidearest breasts himself as akidearest breasts Mangaka….

He has animations all over his youtube channels. In akidearest breasts of them he does narrate, but in a lot of them he had no involvement and just has his character drawn in it by someone else, yet gets all the credit and revenue by putting his name on it. He calls himself a mangaka, but has Kat doing all akidearest breasts the akidearest breasts and breastss just writes average at most stories for them.

He had all these talented people work for him so they can get recognized for their works since his name is well known.

breasts akidearest

But does this guy have any real talents? Without those people helping him, what left does he have? He is really taking advantage of his fanbase liking his appearance and that akidearest breasts part japanese living in japan. Why did they delete it?

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Match all free online sex games for couples and enjoy sexy gallery once again. You have to play poker against the very sexy and hot Bella Anne. She is so horny and ready to play but are you? Make her run out of money and beat her at her own game so she could show you her more personal side! Are you smarter than Scarlet? Well find out as you play this geography test against this big titty hot babe.

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Sweet Home is a Thriller not horror- He roundabout says it's not overly unique or interesting and while true, he makes it seem like he found a low interest or unpopular comic to talk about. However, Sweet Home is number nine - under the 'Popular' page. I'm saying this because I know some might be wondering if Alex has a girlfriend.

Mulberry is the only one who is prevalent after all these years around him. He's always been akidearest breasts guy that wanted to be popular. It's amazing how he has what he wanted now since he was high school age or even eariler, and akidearest breasts pays any attention to his viewers on Twitch.

Comparing akidearest breasts he interacts with fans and his 'friends' Kiwisawa, Mulberry, etc to GTLive, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, even akidearest breasts known gaming YT's like Gloom, there's no engagement with the audience. I would be bored and go to watch someone else if I watched him.

I'm honestly surprised he has not made a new Twitch channel, invite akidearest breasts his 'friends', and stream himself playing on his new 'private' Twitch channel. He obviously does not care about any fans, so why not just seclude himself like above? The difference is he was akidearest breasts someone who cared or would follow through.

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